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BSF 2017| New Reality


BSF 2016| Safeguarding the Future


BSF 2015 | Visions of New Partnerships


BSF 2014 | Power of Trust


BSF 2013 | A Changing Europe in a Changing World


BSF 2012 | Europe and the Reshaped Global Order


BSF 2011 | The Power of Future


BSF 2010 | Global Outlook for the Next Decade


BSF 2009 | The Politics of Economic Crisis: Redefining Economic and Geopolitical Landscapes in Europe and Eurasia


BSF 2008 | Energy and Climate Change: Si.nergy for the Future


BSF 2007 | European Union 2020: Enlarging and Integrating


BSF 2006 | Political Reform and Sustainable Development in the South Caucasus