Red Monkey Theory

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Red Monkey Innovation Management

Organizations and Regions in Search of a New Balance

5 September, 10.15 – 10.45, Hotel Golf, Concordia Hall

The world is changing faster and faster. Organizations, companies, schools and regions have to adapt to a world that is flooded with information and need to increase their power to learn and innovate dramatically. Today’s organisations and companies however are not able to create the right learning and working environment that enables and energizes disruptive innovation by using passion for talents. We unintentionally transformed talented adults and children into passionless sheep. We have to rethink the organization of working and learning. We have to boldly go for disruptive business innovation powered by disruptive culture innovation. This session is a plea for a dramatic change in the organization of work and education. After this session 2D, 3D, Sheep and Red Monkeys will be branded in your brain. You will become disrupted.


  • Mr Jef Staes, Author, Speaker and Expert on Learning, Innovation and Culture Change at the Red Monkey Company, Belgium

To download the session backgrounder click here.