Young BSF: The Environment – No Flow, No Go

Our physical and social environments are undergoing profound change. Pessimists are trying to convince people that our planet is on the brink of survival and that the cohesion of social contract is disintegrating. Optimists rely on the transformative nature of new technologies and inventions to make the life in our post-modern societies more fulfilling.

Digitalization and technologies introduced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are opening up a new realm of opportunities. The confluence of physical, digital and biological worlds is the hallmark of the new revolution, ushering in new possibilities to enhance the use of resources and to manage them in a smarter and more efficient way, thus restoring our natural and social environments.

Digitalization and the use of the new ecology- and sustainability-based technology allow both individuals and organizations to have a greater impact of the environment. Governments and enterprises are already focusing on data analysis, data sharing and the latest powerful electronics and communication tools.

Many intelligence-led technologies for acquiring information to improve resource management are already in use today, including drones and satellite data. Due to the shrinking of arable land and increasing urbanization, focus should be placed on high-quality data analysis, research and infrastructural changes in the megalopolises of both today and tomorrow. Social innovation in the spheres of ecology and the environment has been gaining ground and has already helped make our planet healthier for us. Highly informed individuals can play a vital and transformative role in changing our world.

At this year’s Young Bled Strategic Forum, we are going to talk with innovator who use drones to predict vegetation, social enterpreneur and a bee keeper, EU climate change specialist and Ag-tech technologies developer about how the technology-led fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally transform the way we work, live and relate to each other and how to successfully prepare for it and get the most out of it.