Young BSF Closes with Mimosas and Addresses by Programme Director, Bled Mayor

The Young Strategic Bled Forum (YBSF) closed over breakfast on Monday morning with addresses by Mr Klemen Ponikvar, Programme Director of YBSF, and Mr Janez Fajfar, Mayor of Municipality of Bled.

Mr Ponikvar expressed hope that panels, touching on important challenges “that Slovenia and other developed countries are facing these days”, had been useful. He pointed out intergenerational cooperation and demographic change, political participation and the case study on smart cities.

“I’m so happy with the results of your case studies. I know there was a lot of work, but the end results were very good and Mr  Mr Janko Kramžar, CEO of Snaga, the company you were working for, was impressed by everyone,” Mr Ponikvar praised the seven teams competing in the business challenge – drawing up strategic solutions for a Sustainable Intersection in Ljubljana.

Mr Fajfar meanwhile stressed the importance of such events, as they are a good way of meeting new people, exchanging views and creating networks. “Especially at your age, it is important to make a kind of a network,” he added, pointing to how knowing people can improve their lives. “I hope you made some friendships.”

Thus ended the three-day event focusing on the Generation of Global Citizens and featuring some 30 international young leaders and three topical panels – on smart cities, on youth mobility and participation, and on intergenerational cooperation.