The 2017 BSF visited by record number of people

The closing address of the 2017 Bled Strategic Forum was delivered by Mr Andrej Logar, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

He noted that this year’s forum had been attended by more than 1,000 people from 70 countries and various international organisations, which was a new record for the forum. »I would like to thank each and everyone for making this possible,« he said.

According to H.E. Mr Karl Erjavec, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, the Bled forum is thus reaching its goal of becoming a regional Davos.

“Change has not only affected the context in which policy makers operate, it has shaped the way decisions are made as well as the way they are perceived. We cannot successfully address the key challenges of today while ignoring this reality, nor can we ignore the foundations upon which modern society is based on,” Mr Logar said, pointing to human rights, the rule of law, good governance and democracy.

“From nuclear security and transboundary water management whether in the European Union, the Mediterranean, or in the Western Balkans, we need to adapt to present context and develop strategic mission for the future,” he said.

»I’m confident that our discussions here in Bled today and yesterday played a part in this mission.«

Mr Logar thanked the panellists, moderators, high-profile guests, other participants, the organisers and sponsors, and expressed hope to see everyone again next September at the 2018 Bled Strategic Forum.

Source: Slovenian Press Agency