Game Changers Win Young BSF Case Study Competition

It was time for the highlight of the Young Bled Strategic Forum on Sunday evening as seven teams competing in the business challenge – drawing up strategic solutions for a Sustainable Intersection in Ljubljana, consisting of a zero-waste shop, a café and bed & breakfast – presented their projects.

The jury, consisting of Mr Janko Kramžar, CEO of Snaga, Mr Klemen Ponikvar, Programme Director of YBSF, Mr Blaž Golob, CEO of SmartIScity, and Ms Sabina Đuvelek, programme director of Ypsilon Institute, selected Game Changers the winner.

The team, Nina Pižorn, Luka Jesenšek, Zala Velkavrh and Gašper Kos, came up with a solution dubbed World 2.0 – a place where sustainable community could grow and promote ideas through active participation. “It throws away old habits and promotes new, sustainable, and environmentally and socially conscious mindset,” the group wrote in their presentation. “The World 2.0 intersection functions as a hub that satisfies several day-to-day needs: eating and drinking, shopping for groceries, learning and making, and last but not least, socialising.” They added to the main concept the idea of a digital platform because “World 2.0 is also a virtual world, based on a platform where people are living their virtual lives in our sustainable intersection”.

Their solution will be presented to business executives, ministers and other participants of the Business BSF on Tuesday.