Musical Leadership Strategy – For a European Identity in a Multipolar World

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Special session 

Musical leadership strategy – For a European identity in a multipolar world

5 September, 14.00 – 14.30, Hotel Golf, Concordia Hall

The social innovation brand of Miha Pogacnik is known as the “resonance platform”. By using the disruptive method, he empowers business and political leaders to experience the genius of classical music masterpieces as a specific European strategy for vision, the mobilisation of total human potential and action. Pogacnik is a bridge builder of the transfer and dynamic balance between disciplines, cultures and generations. He inspires people to transcend political positions and the opposition to composition, and his latest project of cultural diplomacy creatively unites the passionate qualities of the Balkans and the pragmatic approach of the European North-West – with Slovenia acting as a bridge – titled: “Europa unfinished masterpiece: The journey towards  polyphonic European identity”.


  • Mr Miha Pogačnik, Violinist, visionary and cultural ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia

To download the session backgrounder click here.