AmCham Business Breakfast points to connectivity revolution and leading the way

It was all about connectivity, leading the way and taking a pause as Business BSF started on Tuesday with the AmCham Business Breakfast on the changing world and co-creating the new reality. The speakers, ranging from authors to researchers, spoke about their ways of tackling the change, bringing it about and taking others along.

According to Dr Mark V. Vlasic, Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University, US, people need not worry about the Earth itself – it will “remain this beautiful blue planet” even after there is no human left. “As we think to our future, we would do better if we were more thoughtful regarding how we interact with each other and how we make this planet better for all of us.” Dr Vlasic believes that more leaders today should stop pointing the way to create change and instead take people along with them.

Speaking about leaders, Dr Teresa Kennedy, Award-winning Author and President of Power Living Enterprises, US, added that it was important to learn how to disconnect, to be still for a moment in the vortex of the life today.

Meanwhile, Dr Aleks Jakulin, Founder of Ganxy Inc., US, spoke about the dangers of the “ambient connectivity”, including the voluntary sharing of personal information with corporations, which make people the product. According to him, there are all these things that are still coming that will affect so many of us: “We need to establish a kind of a playground, a kind of a proper public platform for these technologies.” “Every technological revolution in the past has been followed by a big war… It’s a threat. The best way to prevent war is to predict it. It’s unhappy prediction which hopefully doesn’t come true.”

Mr Andrej Pečjak, CEO of Metron Institute, Slovenia, on the other hand, noted that people should not wait for technology to change them, that they should change themselves. “Technology is ready… We have to change, we have to follow the changes because we simply cannot stop them.”

The panel, entitled A Changing World: How Do We Feel and Co-create the New Reality?, also featured presentations by Mr Tim M. Žagar, Co-founder of ICONOMI, The Financial Services for Decentralised Economy, Slovenia, Dr Matjaž Humar, Researcher at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, and Ms Christel Hofman, Director at Such a Potential, Netherlands.

Source: Slovenian Press Agency