Night Owl Session – Ordinary radical(s): In Search of a Meaningful Response

The Night Owl Session will be held in cooperation with Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL) an international cross-sectoral platform for exploring a more inclusive diplomacy, which goes beyond traditional politics. GDL is an initiative of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office and several private foundations.
The discussion will be centred around preventive action, whereby participants will address the reasons for the increasing radicalization of young people and reflect on opportunities for education, employment and inclusion, in an innovative and collaborative format.
How can we get to the roots of conflicts and lack of understanding leading to intolerance and extreme acts, such as terrorist attacks? The attacks in Paris resulted in a unified and very clear condemnation, as well as in the unanimous response of the media with numerous analyses and reflective editorials in the world press. But attacks are occurring everywhere. How do we respond and what action is taken when attacks target places outside the Western hemisphere? The global terrorist threat dictates a clear, unified and determined response to attacks, regardless of their geographical location. In addition to security measures, the fight against terrorism must include actions aimed at more successful integration, better education, future perspectives, and the eradication of poverty, as well as in-depth analysis of nationalist and religious conflicts in various parts of the world.


To follow…