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Feel Slovenia, a country located between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. Welcome to sLOVEnia, the only country with love in its name. Love has enormous power here. It connects the sea and mountains, forests and waters, fields and vineyards, the secrets of the underworld and the light of the sky. The first thing a person feels in Slovenia is green. Over half of the country is covered with forests. Between Venice in Italy and Vienna in Austria, almost 50 parks and almost twice as many nature reserves stretch across Slovenia. Everyone in Slovenia, whether living in a town or in the countryside, is just a short walk away from green hills. Slovenia is green, active and healthy.

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Visitors to Bled are inspired by its mild climate, fresh air, plentiful sunshine, clean water and tranquil serenity, and charmed by the time-honoured ‘pletna’ boats slowly gliding across the lake. Horse-drawn carriages add to the town’s traditional flair, while the delicious cream cakes have also passed into Bled folklore, having been made here since 1953, when the original recipe was invented.

Bled and its surroundings, much of which lies within Triglav National Park, ensure plentiful opportunities for an active day in the great outdoors, including golf on one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, white-water rafting, cycling and hiking. Recently, Bled’s ambitious and cosmopolitan chefs, who like to give new interpretations to typical traditional dishes of the area, have established themselves among the very best in the country, thus adding to the pleasures of visiting Slovenia’s Alpine pearl.

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Bled is safe and easily accessible

Slovenia ranks among the safest destinations in the world. The country lies at the heart of Europe and is easily accessible by air, road and rail. Ljubljana International Airport is only a 30-minute drive from Bled, while Klagenfurt Airport in Austria is another nearby option. Bled is compact, with all its facilities and sights within walking distance.

Bled has excellent infrastructure

Bled’s conference infrastructure is being constantly upgraded and modernised. The Bled Congress Centre, the facility with the largest capacity, can accommodate up to 500 delegates. The meeting offer is complemented by numerous first-rate hotels with conference facilities. Accommodation options range from the simple to the sophisticated, all offering good value for money.

Bled has a rich tradition of hosting meetings

Bled has been present on the world conference map for decades, playing host to countless medium-sized corporate, association and governmental meetings of between 100 and 400 delegates, as well as frequent top-end sports events. Many meetings have found their home in Bled, returning year after year. Bled’s multilingual professional meeting organisers have invaluable experience and professional knowledge.

Bled is attractive

The beautiful landscape provides a fantastic backdrop to enthuse and inspire participants. The lake, island and castle are truly unforgettable sights, and countless other natural and cultural attractions to stun visitors are only a short drive away. A meeting in Bled will always remain a fond memory.

Bled blends business with pleasure

Bled offers ample opportunity for enhancing a meeting with enjoyable activities. Whether it is you choose an adventurous sporting activity, a cultural exploration or an oeno-gastronomic team-building programme, Bled is the right place. Receptions and gala dinners can be held at a various special locations, while excursions from Bled can take guests to Slovenia’s best-known sights, or alternatively lead them to the charming hidden corners of the country.

Bled offers superb cuisine

Bled gives you the chance to taste its regional fare in a traditional inn, or opt for the best gourmet cuisine created by the town’s new generation of contemporary chefs. Differing in their execution of dishes, they all still share a deep-rooted respect for age-old recipes and fresh, local seasonal ingredients.

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